Keeping a Sexual Harassment Log

Keeping a Sexual Harassment Log

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Most cases of sexual harassment are not limited to an isolated event or a single occurrence. Therefore, it is often necessary to document incidents as they happen. Doing so makes proving your sexual harassment claim easier, as you may be able to show a clear pattern of abusive behavior while citing specific times, dates, and places. By consulting with an experienced sexual harassment attorney early in the process, you will be equipped to know what information is important to write down and which details should be included.

When to Record an Incident

When you have been victimized by sexual harassment, you should make a record of each occurrence as soon as possible after it happens. If you wait, you risk clouding your memories of the event. You should document the incident even if you are unsure that it constituted sexual harassment or you are still not sure about filing a claim. Sexual harassment often begins with less overt and threatening behavior and evolves into something much worse. Documenting incidents from the beginning can help show a progression of the abuse over time.

What to Write

There is no such thing as too much information, and nothing is truly unimportant. Write down every detail that you can remember, as you and your attorney will have time to sort out the most relevant points later. Include any and all offensive remarks, intimate contact or touching of a sexual nature, visible pornography, and sexually-charged jokes. If you have complained about the perpetrator's actions, document when and to whom you make the report, what the response was, and what action was taken. Keep hard copies of emails and written communication whenever possible.

Be sure to keep track of names and titles, both of perpetrators and any witnesses. Document the time and date of each incident, as well as where it occurred. Be sure to include how you felt in the moment and after the fact, as psychological manipulation and trauma are major elements in many sexual harassment cases.

In addition to documenting incidents, you should also keep copies of evaluations or performance reports. This will make it easier to support a claim of retaliation if you are denied a raise or promotion as a result of your claim or refusal to comply with requests from your harasser. Keeping track of any medical or mental health treatment you have received as a result of the harassment is also important. Include any and all diagnoses and prescribed medications.

Other Victims?

There may be other victims of sexual harassment in your workplace of whom you are currently unaware. If possible, find out if others have made reports and filed claims. Victims of sexual harassment can provide support for one another, and having another person to talk to can ease the burden of isolation that is common in such cases.

At Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC, our employment discrimination lawyers understand the law. We are committed to helping you pursue your claim and getting the justice you deserve. Contact our office today by calling 630-549-0960. Our firm is proud to represent victims of sexual harassment throughout Kane County.

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