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Kane County child support attorneysChild support payments help unmarried or divorced parents share the costs of raising a child. If you are a parent considering divorce or you have already decided to end your marriage, you probably have questions about how child support will work. Major changes to the way in which support payments are calculated in Illinois took effect in July of 2017. If you are wondering how much child support you will be required to pay or you want to estimate the child support you will receive, read on to learn more.

Which Parent Pays Child Support?

If you are like many parents, you may assume that child support is reserved for situations in which one parent has all or almost all legal custody of a child and the other parent is uninvolved in the child’s life. However, you or your spouse will be required to pay child support even if you decide to have joint custody of your children. Illinois law uses the word “parental responsibility” to refer to what we commonly think of as custody and “parenting time” to mean visitation. One parent will have the majority of parental responsibility and parenting time. This parent will be the recipient of child support while the parent with less parenting time will be the payor.

What Factors Influence Child Support Amounts?

There are many different factors which will determine the amount of child support that a parent pays. Illinois uses the income shares model of child support calculation. Both of the parent’s net income is taken into consideration in order to determine the amount of child support each parent is responsible for. Extra costs such as childcare and health insurance expenses are also considered. If a parent already has a child support obligation from a previous relationship, the amount of support he or she already pays is taken into account for purposes of the child support calculation. If each parent has the child at least 146 overnights a year, the time that each parent spends with the child is factored into the child support calculation as well.

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Kane County child support attorneysMajor revisions have been approved to the way that child support is calculated by courts in Illinois. The topic has been the center of debate for a number of years, and many believe the change is long overdue. Effecitve July 1, 2017, there is an entirely new method of determining how much a supporting parent is required to pay.

What Is New About the Law?

The law, which took effect on July 1, amends the existing “percentage of obligor’s net income” methodology for child support calculations. Critics have long maintained that such a model is too static, one-sided, and outdated. Under the new law, Illinois will begin using the “income shares” model that is presently in use in many other states.

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Kane County family law attorneyIn many cases, receiving court-ordered child support is the difference between being able to pay the bills and being in financial trouble. Sometimes, however, child support simply does not get paid. Whether the failure to pay is the result of malicious reasons or because unexpected expenses occurred for the supporting parent, you may have to go to court to obtain what you are owed.

Most Common Methods

The most common way that noncompliant parents are made to pay their support obligations is to the State Disbursement Unit (SDU), via automatic income withholding (AIW), under the federal Family Support Act. Illinois has adopted a version of this law that is functionally identical to the federal statute, though other states have made modifications. Income withholding applies to divorce decrees that have both child support and spousal support or that only discuss child support. In other words, you cannot request income withholding through the SDU, if your former spouse is behind on maintenance payments only, at least not in Illinois. AIW generally takes effect automatically unless the parties specifically agree to another form of recourse in the event that back child support has accumulated.

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